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Hello & welcome to ColtonHaynes.Org. We are your ultimate fansource for actor Colton Haynes. Colton is probably best known for his work on the Gates where he portrayed Brett Creski or on the hit MTV show Teen Wolf where for 2 seasons he played the main character of Jackson Whittemore. Here at ColtonHaynes.Org we have a photo gallery with over 11,000 photos and an Icon Archive with over 300 icons. Although we are not the official Colton Haynes fansite, Colton himself has showed support for the site! We want to thank you for taking the time to view our site on hope you do not hesitate a return!

We’ve uploaded 2 medium quality outtakes from Colton’s Diesel Campaign photoshoot to the gallery with thanks to E!. Don’t they look amazing? Check them out by clicking the links below:

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Roy’s guilt

Thea’s whereabouts at the start of the season “is sort of the mystery at the beginning,” Kreisberg says, hinting that Roy doesn’t take her disappearance well at all. “Roy knows why she left and Oliver doesn’t, so that’ll play an interesting part in the Oliver-Roy-Thea dynamic.”


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FULL ARSENAL | Guggenheim admits that one of Season 2′s shortcomings was the incorporation of Roy into Team Arrow, stop-and-start and scattershot as it was due to the Mirakuru mess. So going into the fall, “I’d love to see us stick the landing a bit better” with regards to Roy’s role among our heroes. “This year you really feel like he is a part of Team Arrow, in a very integral way.” That includes suiting Roy up (EW has a fun first look at Arsenal) as well as “exploring the repercussions” of his Mirakru’d rampage. “He went through this major trauma, and we always said that was necessary for him to become a hero,” the EP reminds. “But this is the year we get to play with all of that.”



With thanks to EW, I’ve uploaded 1 Large Quality outtake from the Arrow Season 3 promotional shoot. Check it out by clicking the preview below:


Zap2it: What can you tease about the Season 3 premiere?
Haynes: I can tease an Olicity date. I think Roy and Diggle are aware of the chemistry. They’re finally aware of it in the first episode. They’re like, ‘Huh?’

What is Roy going to be like in the new season?
The cool part about Roy is his dry sense of humor gets him in a little trouble, but I think you’re going to see a lot more of his sense of humor this year. And he’s also becoming Arsenal. I mean, that’s going to be huge. He’s such a bad-a** character.

It’s the route that Roy Harper takes. He took three different routes [in the comics]: Red Arrow, Arsenal or Speedy. Arsenal is his true calling, and he’s got a lot of bad-a** techniques that he learns along the way.

How is his life, post-mirakuru?
They’re going to try to keep giving him the cure. If he doesn’t have it, he’s gonna kill more people. Possibly people that he loves — so they’ve got to watch out.

Thea and Roy officially broke up in the Season 2 finale, before Thea ran away with Merlyn. Is there any chance of a reconciliation with Roy?
I think there’s always a chance. They’re true loves for each other, but Roy wants her to be happy over anything. And if that means they have to take a break or they don’t ever have to get back together, he just wants her to be happy.



TV Fanatic: What can you tell me about the new Arrow season?

Colton Haynes: Well, I’ve read the first three episodes….

TVF: Thea left town at the end of last season. Is Roy pining for her or is he just in his own world?

CH: He’s trying not to think about it. Every time he hears her name he says ‘I gotta go do a patrol’ or ‘I gotta get out there. I gotta clear my mind.’ He’s running away from it because Thea said she never wants to see him again or talk to him again, he’s been lying to her forever so he has to do what she wants so he’s giving her her space.

We’re going to see a frickin’ bad ass Thea coming. We’re also going to see a bad ass Laurel. Her guns are…if you see the pictures she’s posting on Instagram. She’s kicking ass. She’s just shredding it.

TVF: Roy is now in the mix with everybody so do we see him much more active instead of doing his own thing?

CH: He is and he also has a really cool story with Felicity this year. They’re both know-it-alls and when you put two know-it-alls in a room, they like to correct each other and we have some really fun banter this year.

I’m so happy because I adore Emily [Bett Rickards] and it’s so much fun to work with her. She’s so talented and so new to this world and she’s so naturally talented. It’s really awesome to work with her in a scene and so fun what she throws at you in a scene.

TVF: Before, Roy and Oliver’s relationship was more contentious. Are they more buddies now or it more mentor-like?

CH: The relationship is a lot more mentor. Roy is keeping a little bit of information this year and I can’t say about what but I can say it’s going to get him in a little bit of trouble. But he does still looks up to Oliver. Oliver is very gracious and attentive to helping Roy out and helping him through his journey.

TVF: Any new love interest for Roy or no time for that?

CH: I’m hearing talk. I don’t know who it’s going to be but in the comic books it was Cheshire but also in the comic books I lose my arm and I have a child. I think I’m still 19 on the show so I don’t know.

TVF: And John Barrowman is back!

CH: He’s the coolest person in the world, I’m so stoked that he’s back now and it’s going to drive the fans frickin’ crazy!

TVF: The first time I talked to you was for that first season of Teen Wolf. How have you made sense of how the last five years have gone for you? It’s been a whirlwind!

CH:  I feel like I got thrust into it and it’s really so much fun. I like to still continue to have fun with everything and have a sense of humor even though people don’t get my sense of humor, but I still like to be a little weird. It’s nice I still get to do that and people are still nice to me, nobody throws shit at me. I think the days of the nice guy finishing last are a thing of the past.

TVF: You are a funny guy and I know you’re dying to get on The Goldbergs.

CH: Let me explain something to you. She is the reason I got a laugh at the Critics’ Choice Awards. She gave a huge laugh and everyone else laughed. My brother Tivo’d it and I watched it and Wendi’s got my back. Do something to get me on this damn show! I can play anyone [on The Goldbergs]. I’ll be an extra. Give me one line.

TVF: I want to see Colton Haynes in a mullet.

CH: [eyes wide] Oh!! Please, please! Talk to someone! Do something!

TVF: I saw you Instagram a picture with Dwayne Johnson.

CH: Our movie wrapped today. I did a movie called San Andreas that will be out next June with him. It’s a big earthquake disaster 3D film, my first movie! We shot for two months in Australia over the summer and then wrapped it here and a few days in San Francisco. It was just the coolest experience of my life.

TVF: Did you get to do some kick ass action stuff?

CH: I got to do some stuff. There was some puking for me because I’m afraid of heights but Dwayne is the most gracious guy. You can’t work with a nicer guy. I wrote on my positivity wall in 2007 that one of my goals was to do a movie with Dwayne Johnson and my first movie was with him.


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Talk about Roy’s (Colton Haynes) role on Team Arrow and how he’ll feel when he discovers he actually killed someone last season. 
Kreisberg: In the beginning, Roy is feeling pretty good about himself too. He’s part of Team Arrow. He thinks he’s put behind him what happened last season. Like with all of our characters, the past has a terrible way of catching up with them. It’s a new and interesting thing for Oliver to really have a mentee, somebody he is training beside. There’s really lovely stuff in the premiere like, “You did a good job tonight.” When we met Roy, he was living practically on the streets and stealing. To see him have this big brother, I don’t think he’s really had anybody believe in him. Obviously Thea (Willa Holland) did, but like a male character. You’re happy for Roy in the beginning that he’s really found his place. Of course, then we’re going to shake his world up.


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