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Hello & welcome to ColtonHaynes.Org. We are your ultimate fansource for actor Colton Haynes. Colton is probably best known for his work on the Gates where he portrayed Brett Creski or on the hit MTV show Teen Wolf where for 2 seasons he played the main character of Jackson Whittemore. Here at ColtonHaynes.Org we have a photo gallery with over 11,000 photos and an Icon Archive with over 300 icons. Although we are not the official Colton Haynes fansite, Colton himself has showed support for the site! We want to thank you for taking the time to view our site on hope you do not hesitate a return!

I’ve uploaded 9 High Quality photos of Colton attending the Abercrombie & Fitch “The Making of a Star” Spring Campaign Party on February 22nd to the gallery. More to come throughout the day so keep checking back! Check them out by clicking the thumbnails below:


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FOX’s own Michael Tammero got the change to catch up with Haynes backstage during New York Fashion Week, where Tammero grilled the former “Teen Wolf” actor with burning Twitter questions from his most loyal fans.

To find out which character Haynes most relates to, what he misses about his time on “Teen Wolf,” and why his overactive tear ducts sometimes help with his acting, watch the video above.


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Team Arrow is getting crowded. Is anyone worried that the new additions will affect the core of the team? -Michelle

Stephen Amell acknowledges, “It’s not a very big cave,” but points out that the likes of Roy and Sara are “part of the team ‘with a lower case T.’ I mean, there’s myself, Diggle and Felicity — and everybody else for the moment is just kind of a visitor.”

Will Roy be taking a more active role in vigilante-ing with the Arrow? –Peter

He sure wants to, but that one-two punch isn’t being unleashed as often as he would like. “Roy is tired of not being delegated the right amount of work — he’s almost still being treated like an errand boy,” Colton Haynes says. “So he starts to get into some arguments with the others.” In the meantime, we’ll witness further training sessions between Arrow and his padawan, though they won’t instantly bear fruit. Hotheaded, smash-happy Roy “is going to be pretty bad for the rest of the season,” Haynes admits. “He’s not gonna be a quick learner!”

Where is Thea going from here? -Marko

In the midst of celebrating Arrow’s “comedic trio” of Roy, Thea and Sin, Colton Haynes let slip that “something soon happens with Thea that causes her to go to a really dark place.” Elaborating some, he added: “Whenever family things happen to someone in a relationship, it affects that relationship.”



I’ve uploaded 3 High Quality photos of Colton on the set of Arrow yesterday, with Caity Lotz, to the gallery. Check them out by clicking the thumbnails below:

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Kieran   Arrow Interviews No Comments

Every since we made Arrow’s Colton Haynes our Crush of the Week, we can’t get enough of the mega-hottie. Not only is he incredibly talented and obviously good-looking, but he’s ridiculously hilarious as well. (Hello, perfect combo!) His amazing remake of Jennifer Lawrence’s SAG dress went viral, and his tweets & Insta-snaps are pretty much always guaranteed to make you laugh. So when the funny man stopped by Seventeen, we just had to ask about all of his hilarious hijinks, starting with that JLaw dress (that we had him remake again, above!).

“I was like that dress looks like my blanket, and I was like, Colton don’t do this, don’t do this. But I have to do pranks. So I posted it, not thinking that it was going to be on CNN or Seventeen! I didn’t think other people would think it was funny, but I’m happy they did,” Colton said of his brilliant meme of JLaw’s SAG dress.

But the prankster insisted his renactment of JLaw’s infamous SAG photobomb was all in good fun. “I saw her [JLaw] creeping up on Taylor [Swift], and I was like, that is some stuff I would do! I’m always photobombing, and I do the same face, too,” Colton added. “Everyone calls me the male Jennifer Lawrence, because I just say things because I’m random and I do things and I don’t care what people think. I think she’s hilarious.”

In addition to being a JLaw fan, the Arrow star gave our favorite Brit boys some love, snapping this Insta-pic with the 1D guys at Seventeen.


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